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In a dark fantasy world where ancient evils have made their home in the underworld, the reluctant witch Delilah must save the helpless souls trapped within, unable to reach their final resting place. Rescuing them will earn their eternal gratitude, and they will gift you a variety of skills to help you on your quest. Your stay in the underworld is precarious - every death will set you back and change what you encounter.

With procedurally generated skills that give endless replayability, each run will be unique. Hordes of enemies create a fast paced environment, where speed and movement are crucial to surviving. Defeat the hordes to fight powerful bosses, and decide the fate of the underworld.


  • Randomized skills makes every play through unique, you'll have to react to new situations and think on your toes!
  • Sprawling gothic world to explore, discover new paths and find new locations.
  • Encounter a variety of enemies that will test your combat skills, and try not to be overwhelmed by the hordes of undead.
  • Prove your worth by defeating the two overlords of the underworld.
    Be wary, each fight could be your last...

About Us

Half Tower is a team of four game design students from Media Design School, New Zealand. Gothical is a game we made during the last ten months of our degree, and we're proud to share what we made with you.

Follow us on Twitter @gothicalgame to see development logs, screenshots and more.


Gothical 1.1 106 MB
Gothical 1.0 144 MB


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You game looks very nice but ufortunently I was unab;e to play due to the game crashing when I try to change the settings. I get an error dump which looks like this.